Melissa presented a wealth of information in such a professional and understandable way...she did a remarkable job of relaying her knowledge around the subject of mindfulness in the workplace (and at home). I highly recommend Melissa.
— Tammy Cowser, Gardere
Melissa was the right speaker at the right event for the right audience. The Women’s Leadership Conference wouldn’t have been complete without covering the topic of “Mindfulness at Work: What it is & Why it Matters”. The evaluations and attendee feedback were also a true reflection of their appreciation for the topic and Melissa’s inspiring delivery.
— Tamra Gaines, Cornerstone Credit Union League
Melissa was an invited speaker at our convention for our company, She is amazing. I enjoyed every minute of her presence.
— Claudia Nava, Stream Energy
As a result of my mindfulness coaching with Melissa, I feel calmer, less stressed in general, relaxed and at ease. This translates to feeling much more focused in the moment both on and off the court. Melissa was able to listen to my specific needs and customize our sessions. I would recommend her to anyone interested in improving their health and wellness, and to any athlete looking to improve their overall athletic performance.
— Brittany Grover, Tennis Coach
Melissa’s guided 8-week meditation plan helped me, and the rest of the office, think differently about meditation, specifically regarding the underlying purpose and associated health benefits. Her training sessions provided us with practical tools to make use of these practices in our daily lives, both at work and at home. And even more, the sessions helped bring our office together to foster a supportive environment. Bringing Melissa in was one of the best investments we have made and I couldn’t recommend her more.
— Trevor Ede, Chambers Interiors
The guided meditation Melissa custom-made for my clients has been so helpful in recognizing, understanding, and redirecting mindful eating at night. Many of my clients report feeling relaxed and serene upon hearing Melissa’s calming voice. In addition to the custom guided meditations, I have worked with Melissa to speak at various hospitals and conferences about Mindful Eating. Her dynamic and engaging presentation style, combined with her abundant knowledge of mindfulness, make her an ideal subject matter expert. She is easy to work with, compassionate, and adaptable. I highly recommend Melissa for your upcoming conferences, workshops, and seminars.
— Megan Lyons, The Lyons' Share Wellness
I highly recommend Melissa’s corporate sessions on mindfulness. She received rave reviews from our participants and was incredibly accommodating to our specific needs. Throughout the process she was open to feedback and incredibly responsive to our requests. Highly recommended!
— Ryan Nguyen, McKinsey & Company