No, it’s not a movie or something cryptic.

It is a term coined by Mark Thornton who wrote a book called Meditation in a New York Minute.  He talks about how there are all of these available pockets of time for us to practice Mindfulness—despite what we may think.  People often cite “time” as their biggest reason for not having a practice. 

Well, I am here to say:  No more excuses!  We have Deadspace!

What are some examples of Deadspace?

Think about any time you are waiting in any line—waiting for a meeting to begin—being in an elevator…  

Challenge yourself to be on the look-out for Deadspace in your day.

These are the perfect times and places to take a purposeful pause.  Check in.  Notice your mind and body.  Take a few breaths.  Shift from a hurried pace to a calm, clear and deliberate pace.

Your eyes can be open.  This is waking life after all!  Mindfulness is about being aware in any activity—this is the informal practice of Mindfulness.  You don’t have to only rely on a formal practice.

So instead of reaching for your device, next time there is “nothing” to do, I invite you to find your Deadspace and embrace that nothing.

Happy Friday!