Improve your performance and mental health.

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Mindfulness training

Train your mind for peak performance. Stay calm in high-stress situations without crumbling under pressure. Get an edge on your competition. Through meditation and daily mindfulness practices, Melissa has spent over two decades practicing mindfulness and teaching high-performing individuals how to win at life, whether it’s nailing that business presentation or kicking the winning field goal.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Need a precise action plan to enhance productivity and cut health care costs over the long haul?


Individual and Group Sessions

Would you like to have a professional come on site and conduct quick and easy meditation sessions for your team?


Customized Performance Plans

Would you like to enhance your performance while decreasing stress?



Looking for a fresh, new speaker for your next leadership meeting, program, conference, or retreat?

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Want to improve team performance and satisfaction?


High Performance Mindset Training

I wouldn’t have survived last season without Melissa. I’ve found new ways to calm myself down during stressful situations, and mindfulness has opened my mind to see things from a new perspective. Now I can say I’ve learned to be truly mentally tough.
— Alexander Madsen, USK Praha, Czech Republic NBL

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